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Whether you’ve written a fantasy novel, a technical how-to guide or any other type of book, one thing’s for sure… 

You want people to READ IT..!!

And here’s the problem :

Despite that old saying about not judging a book by its cover, people (ALWAYS) judge the books by their covers all the time!

If your cover looks professional and conveys the right image, people are more likely to read the book. 

On the other hand, if your cover looks amateur, they’ll assume that the same applies to the writing.

If you selling Book, Kindle, Magazine, or eBook online… through your own website or marketplace such as Amazon Kindle, the product cover design is the first thing your customer will sees. It’s the MOST important element that can make positive impression at the first glance to your product! 

And an EXTRAORDINARY cover draws attention and creates anticipation. The visual design is what gives us confidence to buy the book.

A poorly designed book cover means YOU lose sales!

Try it to look by yourself below….

Please tell me…

What’s your “First Impression” from two designs below?

which one is your eye drawn to?

Most people will choose the RIGHT SIDE!

Your Cover & Page Layout Design Matters

Make People “Fall-in-Love” at First Sight

With more than 2.2 million books published every single year, it’s incredibly difficult to make your book stand out. Readers have so many books to choose from these days. 

You may only have a few seconds to grab a potential reader’s attention and make them attracted to your book, and an eye-catching book cover can achieve just that.

First Impression Count

The job of your cover is to get people attention and then to read the blurb for further explanation, much like a shop window is dressed to entice people inside. 

Like a pretty Sales Girl who can make people to enter our shop.

Character of Your Book

The visual design of your book will illustrate the content of the book you are presenting. And the right cover book design will show the characteristic of your book

Creates certain expectations

If you want people attracted to your Romatic Novel, your design must convey that it’s not a Thriller or Medieval Fantasy book. The way to do this is to have clear thematic elements on the front of your book… use Certain imagery in your Cover design!.

Define your story’s tone

It’s doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve got your genre nailed, you need to give a sense of tone. Your cover design style must be relevant to your story inside the book and the layout style must be also relevant with the content.

Show the Quality of your book

An amateurish looking cover is worse than one which is vague about its genre. People just aren’t going to buy your book if it looks like it was made in five minutes using Microsoft Word.

Show the quality of your book by give them the Pro-looking touch!

“A study by found that a better cover design increased book visibility by 50% or more…”

– More visibility for your book means more readers and more sales – 

A well-designed book cover is also a great way of finding the right audience for your book. The right combination of colours, imagery and fonts can convey so much about the book’s style and subject.

If you get the book cover design right, your readers will know what to expect. 

You can use your cover to send out all sorts of signals about the style and tone of your book : 

… Playful or Serious
… Suitable for Adults or Children
… Thriller or Comedy
… Viction or Non-Viction… etc. 

All of this will help you to reach the people who are looking for a book just like yours.

some classic problems that always an obstacle for Every Authors to Provide Good & Positive “First Impression” for Their Books

– Specially for Every Beginner Author / Self-Publisher –

Hard to Find Creative Idea

Usually you’ll focus on the content’s quality and the story in your book. And the cover design idea & layouting is not something you are good at.

Book Layouting is Something Tricky

Arranging a book script in a good layout usually requires special expertise by a Layouter. But with the Ecoverio template, now you can arrange your book layout more easily.

Making your own design is not easy

Maybe you are good at making a fiction story, but not everyone is good at creative graphic design techniques. For most people it’s very confusing.

Complicated and expensive design software

Finding design ideas for your book cover is difficult, not to mention the price of graphic design software that is not cheap and it’s complicated use. This will really take up your time and energy

Hire Desainer Need Extra Budget

Maybe your are in a limited budget, and paying professional Designers or Freelancer just for one cover design is not a profitable option for you. So… this is your Smart Solution

which will help you Creating Stunning visual Design for your books

P r o u d l y . p r e s e n t :

All-in-one tool for Book Author & self-publisher to create stunning Book covers, Magazine, and Marketing Kit to Boost Sales

The Reason Why Ecoverio is The Best Tool To Help You Creating Pro-Looking Book You Have

CLASSY Quality Templates

All the Kindle/Book/Magazine eCovers are  designed to be creative, professional, eye catching, cool, and attractive. But you have the option to fully customize them as you desire.

EASY To Use and Edit

It is EXTREMELY easy to customize and use without the need for Pro Design skills. With ECOVERIO… it’s only 3 steps!  Simply   CLICK – EDIT – DONE

HUGE Time and Money Saver

To get  “ECOVERIO”  you’ll only need to spend a  few dollars, and all your designs can be done in minutes! It’s a HUGE budget and time saver for you!

UNLIMITED Creativity

You can be as creative as you can with our Top design templates  that can be tailored to your business. Use the templates as a starting point, and have fun!

Innovative & Creative Design

We have been in design & marketing world for almost 10 years. So we know how to provide a cutting edge design, Easy to use, intuitive and LOTS of templates and images to work with

ALL-in-ONE Authors Toolkit

You can everything you need to create your own Book, Magazine, Kindle Book, and various marketing tools to sale your product online and offline

WORK SMART & Out of The Box​

Everyone can work with these templates, No learning curve, advance skill, or even degree needed. Youc an be more creative as you can!

NO NEED To Start from Scratch​

All the templates are all Ready made – Fully Editable templates special designed in-house by top professional video maker and marketer

Now People Like You Can Make Fascinating Book, Magazine, e-Book, Kindle Cover, and Video Ads Design for Your Book With Ease…

– Even if you have little or no experience with Design Software –

Check The ECOVERIO collection!

Take a Look at Some Stunning Design Below… Imagine What You Can Do with “Ecoverio

Book Cover Templates

15 stunning “CreateSpace” paper book cover templates that you can easily change the color, image, and text to match your own book.

NOTE : All display images quality are compressed for faster loading…


Cover & Pages layout

PRO looking Magazine cover & Pages Layout templates in various styles, you can use to create eZine, Free Report…etc.
All designed in Powerpoint (.PPTX) file format so you can easily change the color, image, and text to match your book using Ms. Office application.

NOTE : All display images quality are compressed for faster loading…

Video Ads

marketing & SALE EVENT

PRO looking video promotion to market your product online through social media campign

Play Video
NOTE : Please wait for all videos loaded 100%… it’s a lot!
Play Video
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Cover & Pages layout

PRO looking Magazine cover & Pages Layout templates in various styles, you can use to create eZine, Free Report…etc.
All designed in Powerpoint (.PPTX) file format so you can easily change the color, image, and text to match your book using Ms. Office application.

NOTE : All display images quality are compressed for faster loading…

Kindle Cover Templates

You’ll also receive stunning Kindle/eBook cover templates edition in various niches. All design in PSD format so you can easily change the color, image, and text to match your book.

NOTE : All display images quality are compressed for faster loading…

Book Marker Templates

You’ll receive 6 paper book/page marker that you can easily change the color, image, and text to match your paper book cover design.

NOTE : All display images quality are compressed for faster loading…

Animated Banner Ads

A Simple but Attractive animated banner to create “Special Offer” ads. Designed in Powerpoint (.PPTX) file format. You can easily change the color, image, and text to match your book using Ms. Office application.

*Play Video Below to Watch the Animation Demo*

* You Can Also Save its as NON Animated (Static Image) Version *

‘Book launch’ Roll-Up banner

Elegantly designed Roll Up Banner to help you present your product on such as ‘Book Launch’ event.
The Roll Up banner mockup included in PSD formats, just click smart object option to place your design and you are ready to present your product.

NOTE : All display images quality are compressed for faster loading…

Elegant Flyer Templates

When you have an event such as New Book Launch or Seminar about your book… this Flyer designs will be perfect to help you tell people to come to your event.

NOTE : All display images quality are compressed for faster loading…

But this is complete assets you need to help you build your own Book, Magazine, Kindle Book, and various marketing tools to sale your product online and offline.

All Templates Are Powerpoint (.PPTX) and Photoshop (.PSD) File Format!
You will need a basic knowledge of editing Text and Images in Ms.Powerpoint & Photoshop

Creating and Marketing Book Now so Much Easier than Before

Make Your Professional Book Cover Now, and Start Promoting!

Design Your Own Book Cover

No matter the genre, you’re sure to find a book cover template for you to finish up your work.

Endless Customization

All of Ecoverio’s templates are super easy and fast to customize. Do it right in your own computer!

Crafted by PRO Designer in Mind

All of our templates are carefully created by expert designers, so you’ll always get the best results.

Do Even More With ECOVERIO

Using Free Software

Click, Edit and Replace using only Powerpoint. Newbie Friendly and No advanced technical skills

Create Beautiful Mockups

Create book cover, magazine cover, flyer, and 3D mockups using our mockup library!

Make Your Own Brand

Use Ecoverio’s design templates to make a writer brand easily.

What’s the Investment?

Well… our main purpose is to provide such good quality design templates to help your work, at a price that would’n bothering your budget.

But first… let’s me so you at what you’d need to pay for similar templates elsewhere…

What The Heck!

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ECOVERIO - All-in-One Toolkit for Book Author & Self Publisher

Read our FAQ Section to Know About Your License and Software You’ll Need
to Work with All These Templates



Frequently Asked Questions

A package of Ready-to-Use eCover Design Templates for Kindle, Books, and eBook. Created using PHOTOSHOP with professional design look, perfect for Self-Publishers who want skyrocket their sales conversion.

It’s NOT kind of Application Software, NOT After Effects or Premiere files, and NOT Plugin/WP Theme.

The content are collection design files, that the formats are works with Photoshop (.psd) or Powerpoint (.pptx)

You required Adobe Photoshop® and Ms.PowerPoint® to work / edit the templates, because all templates are created using those Softwares. Simply open the template inside your Photoshop or Powerpoint software, Click and Replace with your own content, and then Save it as JPEG/PNG.
You can pass the template to your graphic designer to edit it for you..

We created the templates using Photoshop CC, but you can still edit the content of the PixelCover’s templates using Photoshop CS2 or higher.
If you want to convert the design into 3D eCover… You’ll need Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, and CC.
Sure you can open/edit with Photoshop CS2 or below, but some effect and layout will not working perfectly.

Absolutely..!! If you can open your Powerpoint or Photoshop, know how to edit text & image… that’s enough. Because our templates are ready-to-edit, all you have to do is change the title and add/change images, and you’re done.

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