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Did You Ever Judge A Book By It's Cover?

Here’s the truth…

If you selling Books, Kindle Books, or eBook online… through your own website or marketplace such as Amazon Kindle, the cover design is the first thing your customer will sees. It’s the MOST important element that can make positive impression at the first glance to your product!

Many case studies have proven, over and over again, that a professional book cover increases sales.

So… YES!!

People Always Judge A Book By It's Cover!

If your cover looks professional and conveys the right image, people are more likely to read the book.

On the other hand, if your cover looks amateur, they’ll assume that the same thing applies to the content inside your book.

Please tell me…

What’s your “First Impression” from two designs below?

Which one is your eye drawn to?

You know most people will choose the RIGHT SIDE! 👍

Sell More Book Using The Right Design & Concept

If you have an amateurish-looking book or ebook cover it can…


Top authors know it and invest in top-shelf graphic designers to get an avalanche of sales.
Unfortunately, hiring top designers cost a lot of money… and could make you wait weeks for delivery…
Another option is to hire a cheap designer on Fiverr… to later get a “child’s scribbling” design quality!

Here’s The Solution…

Premium Quality, Done-For-You Book Cover Templates Collection Featuring 60 Killer Cover Designs

All compatible with Amazon Kindle.

The cover templates incorporate design fundamentals of the bestselling books on Amazon giving you an extra edge over your competitors.

All of these beautiful covers are easily customizable in Microsoft Powerpoint or Open Office and no Photoshop is required.

Now you can create your very own, hot-selling book cover in 5 minutes or less…
with no design skills or technical skills required!

CLASSY Quality Templates

All the Kindle/Book/Magazine eCovers are  designed to be creative, professional, eye catching, cool, and attractive. But you have the option to fully customize them as you desire.

EASY To Use and Edit

It is EXTREMELY easy to customize and use without the need for Pro Design skills. With eCoverAssassin… it’s only 3 steps! 
Simply by SELECT – EDIT – DONE

HUGE Time and Money Saver

To get  “eCover Assassin”  you’ll only need to spend a  few dollars, and all your designs can be done in minutes! It’s a HUGE budget and time saver for you!

UNLIMITED Creativity

You can be as creative as you can with our Top design templates . Use the templates as a starting point, and have fun!

Innovative & Creative Design

We have been in design & marketing world for almost 10 years. So we know how to provide a cutting edge design, Easy to use, intuitive and LOTS of templates and images to work with

ALL-in-ONE Authors Toolkit

You can everything you need to create your own Book, Kindle Book, and various marketing tools to sale your product online and offline

WORK SMART & Out of The Box​

Everyone can work with these templates, No learning curve, advance skill, or even degree needed. Youc an be more creative as you can!

NO NEED To Start from Scratch​

All the templates are all Ready made – Fully Editable templates special designed in-house by top professional video maker and marketer

Create Eye Catching Book Cover & Marketing Kit Design That SELLS...

- Get Instant Access -

Killer eCover Design Templates & Marketing Kit in A Bundle

eBook & Kindle Cover Templates

You’ll also receive STUNNING Kindle/eBook cover templates edition in FICTION and NON-FICTION Genre. Designed in PSD and Powerpoint format, so you can easily change the color, image, and text to match your book.

Animated Video

Sales & Promotion

PRO looking & attractive video promotion design to advertise your Book online through social media paid promote or Youtube

NOTE : Please wait for all videos loaded 100%… it’s a lot!

Social Media Banner Ads

A Simple but Attractive animated banner to create “Special Offer” ads. Designed in Powerpoint (.PPTX) file format. You can easily change the color, image, and text to match your book using Ms. Office application.

Creating Book That Sells Now so Much Easier!

How eCover Assassin Will Help Your Book?

Make People "Fall-in-Love" 

You may only have a few seconds to grab a potential reader’s attention and make them attracted to your book, your eye-catching book cover can achieve just that.

First Impression Count!

Like a pretty Sales Girl who can make people to enter your shop.

The eye-catching cover design will help you get people attention to your books. 

Show Character of Your Book

The visual design of your book will illustrate the content of the book you are presenting. And these cover book designs will show the characteristic of your book

Creates Certain Expectations

These cover designs will make your book to have clear thematic elements on the front of your book using certain imagery in your Cover design!

Define Your Story’s Tone

It’s doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve got your genre nailed, you need to give a sense of tone. Your cover design will give a sense of tone style that relevant to your story inside the book.

Show the Quality of The Book

An amateurish looking cover is worse than one which is vague about its genre. Show the quality of your book by give them the Pro-looking touch!

Are You Impressed?

Well, That is Just The Tip of The Iceberg!

I’m sure that after checking out the contents of this incredible, one-of-a-kind book cover collection you have already realized the IMMENSE value that it has.

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OKeeyy... this is interesting...

What's the Investment?

Well... our main purpose is to provide such good quality design templates to help your work, at a price that would'n bothering your budget.

The actual cost for this covers package is well over $1,800.00

Think about outsourcing 60 unique book cover designs. For $30 a pop that’s $1,800 right here!
(some designers even charge $495 for a single book cover!)

You could also design all the graphics yourself and spend “unforgettable” late evenings with the world’s most confusing program ever – Photoshop 🙂 Your choice!!

The last option is to get expensive, over-used graphic templates from sites like Graphicriver, Etsy, CreativeMarket… etc, yet the prices aren’t pretty!

Take Advantage of Our Outrageous Discount!

During this Launch… I want to do something special for you today.

Your total investment today will not be $67, that would be the regular price after Launch periode End!

Just Right Now, You Can Get Full Access
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Frequently Asked Questions

A package of Ready-to-Use eCover Design Templates for Kindle, Books, and eBook. Created using PHOTOSHOP and POWERPOINT with professional design look, perfect for Self-Publishers who want skyrocket their sales conversion.

It’s NOT kind of Application Software, NOT After Effects or Premiere files, and NOT Plugin/WP Theme.

The content are collection design files, that the formats are works with Photoshop (.psd) or Powerpoint (.pptx)

You required Adobe Photoshop® and Ms.PowerPoint® to work / edit the templates, because all templates are created using those Softwares. Simply open the template inside your Photoshop or Powerpoint software, Click and Replace with your own content, and then Save it as JPEG/PNG.
You can pass the template to your graphic designer to edit it for you..

We created the templates using Photoshop CC, but you can still edit the content of the PixelCover’s templates using Photoshop CS2 or higher.
If you want to convert the design into 3D eCover… You’ll need Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, and CC.
Sure you can open/edit with Photoshop CS2 or below, but some effect and layout will not working perfectly.

Absolutely..!! If you can open your Powerpoint or Photoshop, know how to edit text & image… that’s enough. Because our templates are ready-to-edit, all you have to do is change the title and add/change images, and you’re done.

After payment done, you’ll get email receipt from Warriorplus contains your Login Access to the WarriorPlus’s Customer Portal where you’ll find your access to the products you’ve purchased. From there you can access our member area. We’ll also instantly send you email access right after your purchase.

For the main offer we provide PERSONAL Use License. Because from the Vol.1 we know that many people buy PixelCover for their own project. BUT… if you want to use PixelCover templates for Client’s project., we have optional Upgrade for COMMERCIAL License in the Upsell.

YES – After purchase our Main offer, you can Upgrade your purchase to the ELITE Pack version. Where you can double your package with some extra Bonuses included.
PLUS… DEVELOPER/COMMERCIAL License for both Main product and the ELITE version.

You should pay attention to our requirements, we DO the refund ONLY IF there is an issue (error, corrupt, etc) with the product and our technical support can’t solve it for you. NOT refund just because “it’s not what I expected” or “it’s not for me” reason. Because ALL information & Display product already mentioned in the sales page. And we’ll provide a refund for you within 7 days of your purchase.

DO NOT dispute via Paypal – please send your query to [email protected], all refund must be processing by JVZoo system as their Business Policy.

By receiving a refund, you agree to remove all files downloaded from our website, and all rights to use the product will be revoked.
We reserve the right to decline a refund if the client does not adhere to these conditions.

You can reach our support desk from here :
[email protected]
We’ll be more than very happy to assist you.

Sure YES..!! We used only royalty-free images and font from CCO/free image websites provider. Some font are also usually already installed in your computer. And you can use the images in each design templates for your projects.

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